The company

One of the main activities of multi-field trading and industrial company Intercentre Lux Ltd, the owner of Golden Arch of Europe award for the highest quality and new technologies invention, - is the Sewing Complex founded in 1992 (registration certificate 0404512, fiscal code 1004600057797  in republic of Moldova)
Export activity of factories corresponds to origin certification of ready made garments with certificates of EUR1 and ST-1 for the countries of Europe, USA and CIS.   
Starting from 4 workers and 30 pieces of garments in 1992 and up to 300000 garments in 2015 that is the growth and production output expansion of the enterprise for 24 years. 
Having a great experience in European technologies and designs the factories are capable to produce the most difficult and modern garments on supplied raw materials base. At the same time, we are capable to make FULL PRODUCT having all or part materials sourced and purchased by own means and delivering the goods to any place on earth.   
The company complex comprises:
- 2 Sewing factories: (city of Tiraspol, city of Dubossary, Moldova)
- Mini Knitting complex: (city of Tiraspol, Moldova)
- Experimental production of exclusive garments designs of class LUX and specialised clothing. 
- Brand Trading network of shops LUX with own brand and INTERCENTRE LUX retail.
The company is constantly expands the activity of sewing production having 2 sewing factories in the cities of Tiraspol and Dubossary (700 workers) making more then 300000 pcs. of garments annually for the world known companies and brands of Europe and CIS.  
The company is equipped with the modern general purpose and special equipment  such as: universal and special sewing machines of JUKI (Japan); pressing equipment Kannegiesser and Swiss company Guggli; highly productive automatic cutting equipment (Japan); ironing equipment JUKI (Japan) including steam mannequins of Grundler (Germany) and Theobald (Hungary); equipment for metal accessories attachment; special equipment for invert pockets production and seams sizing Brevittata (Italy); special equipment for lining quilting. Our company is one of unique companies of Eastern Europe certified for usage of machines of GORE-technology and special 7 down put Italian machines ALAN-6, 8 heads embroidery machine Tajima, 2 special sleeve adjustment machines JUKI (Japan);
Companies assortments is specialized on mens, womens childrens outwear:
- Down jackets and coats of different types, complexity and down insertion
- Casual coats, rain coats, jackets, made of  modern fabrics.
- Outwear for special and work wear for police, army, etc.  
The assortment of garments is contently added up and changed in accordance to world fashion tends, new designs, and bases.   
High level of know how in meeting the hardest demands of our European partners such as PRADA, ARMANI, MONCLER, BURNERRY, PEUTEREY with whom we work for more then 18 years had been achieved for many years of supplying markets of Europe, USA and CIS.
In line with examples of those companies, the success of which is greatly due to production at our premises, we offer newest technologies of making the garments on natural Goose and Duck downs of Italian origin, as well as certified membranes Gore-tex, Nautica, new isolation ISOSOFT, ALPOLUX, FAIBERTEC.
The company takes an active part in international exhibitions such as CPM (Moscow), Premier Vision (Paris), as well as in collection shows of famous Russian couturier Viacheslav Zaizev. We are proud of the fact that for the last 23 years our collections had been highly praised in Europe as well as that the company had been awarded with the Golden Arch of Europe for the highest quality and newest technologies.
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