Dear Sirs,


It is a delightful opportunity that I would like to use and re-establish your interest in one of the biggest apparel (garment, clothing) producer in Eastern Europe based in Moldova-  Intercentre Lux Ltd.


Indeed our company is constantly widening the spread of its sewing activities having two sewing factories with 800 employees currently sewing more than 500 000 pcs. of garments a year of the highest European quality for the world known companies and brands. Thus, apart from our current partners we are pursuing the strategy of increasing the number of long-term partnerships in the regions of Europe to work on the mutually advantageous bases as on loan system as well as for full product.


       Various garments produced at our factories are successfully sold under fashion catalogues in France, Holland, Italy, Austria, Germany, USA etc. And this is a guarantee that Intercentre Lux constantly confirms gained reputation of reliable partner, for internal as well as external markets. We have enough experience in cooperation with German, Dutch, Austrian and Italian companies on mass production and elite samples of garments manufacturing from various fabrics  for perspective sales.


In this respect, allow me to use that opportunity and ask for your consideration in becoming one of our long-term strategic clients to enhance the highest quality for your collections of garments while always being much satisfied with the price.  Having served the European market for more that 21 years, our company has gained the knowledge of satisfying the hardest needs of the clients by being trusted to produce the world known high quality brands such as Prada, Armani, Moncler, Burrbery, Calvin Klein and etc.


Our co-operation is based on the most mutually advantageous bases and partners will always be satisfied with the prices just as our current big clients. Therefore, we are very much opened for co-operation and are awaiting for your offers.


It will be a great pleasure to have you among our guests some day and I truly sure that you will be left  with only best impressions.